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Welcome to 'Waldorf Dads'

Welcome to my new online platform 'Waldorf Dads'. My name is Matt, I am 31, and am based out of Santa Barbara, California. I have an 11 month old daughter, Emma, and my wife, Franzi, is currently pregnant with our son, Lucas. While, I, myself, am relatively new to Waldorf, I have found that many aspects of Waldorf are super similar to my own upbringing and childhood. Raised on 12 largely undeveloped acres in Montecito, California, I spent most of my childhood exploring the outdoors, woodworking, and mountain biking. I have worked as a professional welder and have developed a passion for preparing high quality meats and vegetables over an open flame. When our daughter Emma was born, my German wife, Franzi, introduced me to Rudolf Steiner and incorporated many aspects of Waldorf inspired learning into our home. Our family loves celebrating the seasons by engaging in outdoor activities, establishing seasonal traditions, and doing lots of family-friendly projects and crafts. I created this online platform for other 'Waldorf Dads' and myself to have a place to exchange ideas, learn from each other, and support our awesome wives. I will be using Instagram (@waldorfdads) to upload some of my own tutorials, recipes, and nature inspired DIYs and I also want to encourage other 'Waldorf Dads' out there to start using the hashtag #waldorfdads, so that I can feature their own content and ideas in my stories.


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